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When we say we are doing social work, we are not sending a sum of money to a large global organization.
We want to help directly. We know exactly what every cent we collect is spent on: Because the projects we support are developed by members of our community. We also use our skills from the community to help those in need and get ahead. This is our understanding of "social engagement."


Adigrat Vision e.V.


1000 Nachbarn e.V.

Adigrat Vision is a non-profit organization from Munich, Germany, whose mission is to provide kindergarten and school education for children in Adigrat, Ethiopia. In addition, mothers are supported in their parenting, taught basic medical skills and provided with a supply of food.

Nora, part of ANÍCE. Community, and her mother Rika, are deeply involved in this project and are doing a great job of creating a consolidated environment on the ground and thereby providing real help.

1000Nachbarn is a Frankfurt-based non-profit organization, whose mission is to supply food, basic supplies and support to the homeless community and others in need that live in and around Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel. Through coordination with local organisations, restaurants and residents, 1000Nachbarn are able to show these communities that they are not alone.

Sophie, part of ANÍCE. Community, proactively launched the project in 2019, which in 2021 became an registered association. She takes on an active role not only in the committee, but also on the streets of Bahnhofsviertel.

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